Primary school

Teaching with the Calliope mini in primary school

KMK strategy and Calliope mini

At the end of 2016, the Conference of Ministers of Education adopted the strategy paper “Bildung in der digitale Welt”. . This strategy of the KMK quickly caused movement in the education system. Why? Because all federal states were asked to develop an answer to this paper. The KMK strategy makes it clear that digital education cannot begin in secondary school.

KMK strategy and Calliope mini

Information about the Calliope project

You can need collaborators for your own project for very different reasons: as support in the classroom, as financial support or simply to have your back. Here we have put together various materials that you can use if you want to tell others about the Calliope mini.

Flyer Project letter

Calliope mini class set GS

In addition to the handouts for students and teachers, the Calliope mini class set for primary schools also includes crocodile clips and LEDs. Both are helpful in the creative implementation of interactive prototypes.

• 20 Calliope mini starter boxes
• 20 student workbooks
• Guide for teachers
• 40 alligator clips
• Copper tape
• LEDs


Class GS

Programming with the Calliope mini

Different programming tools (editors) are available for programming with the Calliope mini.
On the editors page there is all the important information for selecting the appropriate programming environment. Visual Block Programming provides a simple introduction to the programming logic.


course material

We offer selected, project-oriented teaching material for teaching with the Calliope mini in the primary school. The guided lessons include downloadable, editable resources covering a real-life and age-appropriate introduction to programming.

lesson material

The workbook for teachers and students published by Persen Verlag for teaching with the Calliope mini in primary school offers an introduction from the 3rd grade.


The programming in this workbook is done with the MakeCode Editor.

With the two workbooks and the handbook for teachers, Cornelsen Verlag offers an introduction to teaching with the Calliope mini in elementary school.


This book is programmed with the Open Roberta Lab Editor.

The School Material Collection offers an overview of published teaching and learning materials.
Here you can filter by school type editors and federal states, among other things.

school material

Advanced training

We offer different training formats for getting started, for more in-depth study, but also for exchange in the network. The training courses are currently all taking place online as live events or are available as videos for retrieval.

The Calliope training courses with regular one-hour online sessions and a MOOC for self-learning offer many tips for teaching in addition to an introduction.

Calliope mini further education

The Calliope mini Experts program starts every half year and is aimed at all teachers and school administrators from German-speaking countries.

Calliope mini Experts

iPad classes

We have put together for you all the tips and tricks for the possibilities of programming the Calliope mini with the iPad and for offering extra iPad materials.


Arrange a personal online appointment

You still have questions?
We offer individual online appointments to inform about topics that interest you, such as the differences between the GS and SEK I class sets, programming environments and teaching materials.

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Functions at a glance

The Calliope is packed with inputs, outputs, sensors and radio module and Bluetooth function.

How it works!


Control the outputs, inputs and sensors of the Calliope mini and create the first sequences, loops and conditions.


Project books

Guided creative craft projects on the theme of "space".

Space Special