Are you new to Calliope and do you want to know how to get started? Click on the pictures for a step-by-step lesson on how your Calliope mini works.


Your first code for the Calliope mini – made with the mini-editor.


This is how you connect your Calliope mini with your computer and flash your code to it.

3Power it up

Your Calliope mini needs to be powered. Here you can see how to attach the batteryholder.

After getting to know your Calliope mini, we will show you how to try different functions. Look at the examples and experiment with your first homemade programs.


With the 25 red LED lights you can draw images or even write your name.

5Color and sound

Calliope mini can show almost all colors and even play simple sounds.

6Buttons and pins

You can control your Calliope mini with the buttons or pins, it also comes with a motion-sensor.