Technical details of the Calliope mini

Here you can find the Calliope mini Pinout, our datasheet and information about the different revisions.

1pinout graphic
2Data Sheet

The Calliope mini datasheet
You would like to have all technical details of the Calliope mini. Visit our github page or download a summary of the details here:

data sheet 1.3

data sheet 2.0

3Versions of the Calliope mini

**One important note: All projects can be realized with all Calliope mini versions.

1. We presented our first final prototype (version 0.8-0.9) of the later series at the IT Summit in November 2016. Only 2000 of these have been produced.

The official release version (1.0) has been available since the beginning of 2017, and the Calliope logo is printed on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. The pin bar in the middle of the board has 5 holes in this version.
3.** Version 1.3 has been available since mid-2018 and can be recognized by the fact that the pin header now has 6 holes (another ground has been added for easier motor connection).