Code of Conduct

Rules for the handling of benefits to Calliope gGmbH

The statutory purpose of the non-profit limited liability company Calliope is to provide children from the 3rd grade onwards with concepts, materials and technologies free of charge, which can be used usefully in teaching for digital education. The principle applies that all materials, whether software, hardware or training materials, are published under open license. This principle enables the community to disseminate and further develop the materials and technologies as widely as possible, as well as to connect them to other systems. In addition, the control of the material can be transferred to the educational institutions.
In order to fulfil this statutory purpose, Calliope gGmbH is dependent on contributions from external partners.

The basic principle for the acceptance of benefits by Calliope gGmbH is that

  • the independence of the company is not endangered
  • that the external partners have no influence on the content of the work
  • that the external partners have no influence on the receiving educational institutions, especially schools.

Calliope gGmbH only accepts donations of a donation character. All of our sponsors are published on our website
Acceptance is decided by the management.

Adopted by the Executive Board on November 17, 2017 in Berlin.