Questions and answers about the Calliope mini

Here you can exchange ideas for teaching, find help with the editors or can ask general questions about the Calliope mini.

Loaning hoards for Calliope mini!
We are pleased that initiatives are supporting us in bringing the Calliope mini to the field!
On the map you can see the places where the Calliope mini can be rented. Clicking on the mini icon will open the contact details and more information about where you can rent the Calliope mini.

To be included in this overview, just send a short e-mail to


You have questions, ideas or tips about projects and would like to exchange ideas? Then our forum is exactly the place to share your knowledge with others and learn something.
Calliope Forum


If you are looking for more project ideas and you are interested in examples from different areas and levels of difficulty, you can find many experiments on our Hackster page.


You want to have a close look at the technical details or help to improve the mini? On our GitHub page you will find all the information you need to participate.
Calliope GitHub