Hi! Welcome to Calliope!

Get started with your Calliope mini and learn everything you need to know to create great things with it!

Here we go: unpack and start
Connect the battery compartment to the Calliope mini and off you go! How to do this and how the Calliope mini works is explained here and you'll learn how to use the first five startup programs correctly.

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25 preinstalled programs
Your Calliope mini comes with 25 programs. You can also install your own programs. You can find information and the original programs for downloading (also individually) here.

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work with the class set
A class set is great because it allows each student to work individually and on different ideas. Here we go into the extra accessories that are included in the class set.

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Questions and tips for use
Calliope mini 2.0 is just as easy to use as the previous versions, but the new, additional features may be a bit unusual at first, here we'll explain how you can quickly solve any problems you may encounter and how best to use the new version.
Start to program!
There are several editors you can use to program your Calliope mini. You can open the 25 pre-installed programs directly in MakeCode. If you want to program with Open Roberta, you can also download the necessary XML files from the overview page of Programs. More programming environments can be found on the Editors page.
Start with what?
You've unpacked your Calliope mini and started using the programs, but don't really know what to do next? Then have a look at the section first exercises. There you will find more tips and programming instructions for the first steps.
first exercises accomplished and desire for more?
You are looking for inspiration or want to rebuild or directly rebuild other great ideas? Then have a look at the section Projects. You can filter the page according to your requirements and see which project you want to realize!

For workshop teams or teachers we have released the Calliope mini class set. You can find information and an introduction to the class sets here.