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We have prepared different projects for you! We will regularly expand this collection and add more material. So feel free to drop by from time to time!

Dear parents! The following exercises are most enjoyable when developed directly on a Calliope mini. If you don't have a mini yet, you can order one here.

On to programming!

There are several editors you can use to program your Calliope mini. In the following examples we have chosen MakeCode and Open Roberta. Both are very similar in structure but have different focuses. Why don't you change the editors between the exercises and see which one you like best. This will make it easier for you to decide later which editor you want to use for a certain idea.

+Digital sign

Program a digital
“Do not disturb!”- sign

Especially now you might want to have some peace and be undisturbed in your room? Build your own privacy sign and have your individual message displayed on the LEDs!


Program an oracle
“What's for dinner?”

You dont like to decide for yourself what to eat in the evening? Then let fate decide! You develop a code that ensures that a random text is output after shaking.

+Step counter

How many steps do I walk in the apartment per day?
Are you moving a lot or not much these days? Find out with this step counter! Every stronger movement is measured by the motion sensor and output as a step. When you attach the Calliope mini to your leg, your code acts as a pedometer.

+Cookie Alert

Who stole my cookies?
Things are constantly disappearing from your room or you have a small hiding place in a drawer and want to be notified when someone approaches it? This Calliope mini alarm will help you do that! By being able to measure the light intensity, you can see when the Calliope mini suddenly becomes brighter.

+Obstacle course

Who is the most skilful?
Why don't you do an obstacle course at your apartment? Use the Calliope mini's position sensor to build a "skill meter": who can complete the entire course without the mini sounding an alarm?