Questions and tips for Calliope mini REV2

Here you can find out how to best use the Calliope mini

Calliope mini REV2 offers you the possibility to save 25 individual programs permanently and use them at any time.

where do you save the programs?

With mini 2.0 you can now load your programs onto your flash memory. However, you can only play the programs from the MINI drive as usual.

The MINI drive is the memory where you select the current program. If we take the example of the library, it is the borrowed book you are about to read. There is only space for one program. Remember, when you add a new program to the MINI drive, the previous program will be overwritten.
The processor can only read the program that is on the mini drive. Compared to the borrowed book, you or your brain would be the processor, which forms a coherent sequence or content from the abstract letters (syntax).
The FLASH drive is an additional storage space and something like a library where you can store your programs and always access them.
There is space for 25 programs.

To call the program, it must not have more than eight letters and it must be written completely in capital letters (including the .HEX extension).

How to start the programs?

The individual programs on the "FLASH" drive can be accessed via an extra menu.
If you don't know where to find the keys, you can find the information here:

5-6 seconds press the reset button
Then the LED lamps flash briefly and then the first LED in the upper left corner lights up.
Use the buttons A and B to navigate through the stored programs. With B you can go one program forward and with A one program backward .
If you now press the buttons A and B simultaneously, you can start the selected program. It will now be loaded directly into the processor and executed as if you had saved it to the "MINI" drive.
By the way, if a X appears, there is no program on your Calliope mini.
Further tips and hints

If you want to reload the 25 programs on your Calliope mini or need instructions, you can find them here:
25 programs

If you want to reload the bootloader for the Calliope mini REV2, you can find this file here:

We recommend that you always save the demo program of the minis (the program you were greeted with the first time you used it) on the "FLASH" drive. This way you can always activate Bluetooth on the mini. Just select the program and your mini is ready to use again.
You can find this program here:

Mac users
If you are working on a Mac, you may not always be able to save 25 programs at once to the FLASH drive. Because the Mac doesn't handle the file format of the flash memory properly, invisible data is created on the drive and this data fills the drive so that it appears to be full, even though there should still be space on it.
In some cases, it may be enough to empty the Trash on your Mac, because then the hidden files on the FLASH drive are really deleted.
If the problem persists, you can start multiple copies and disconnect the mini from the USB cable in between. The mini will then delete the wrong data and make space for more programs.

16 Megabyte (MB)

16 MB memory is full, although not all programs have been transferred

Problems during data transfer
If you have actively accessed the "FLASH" menu on the Calliope mini, you will not be able to play data on the "MINI" drive. Press Reset on the mini to return to normal mode and then try again.