Radio question game

Radio question game

In this example two Calliope mini are used to program a question game


30 mins

from 10 years on


A person asks a question that can be answered with Yes or No (A or B). The person now presses the corresponding button A or B on their questioner mini. A signal is sent by radio to all player minis who store the correct answer. As soon as a player mini has received the signal, he is released for an answer. The player can now choose A or B and receives feedback from the mini as to whether his choice was right or wrong.

1The Game Master

In this example I used the MakeCode Editor popup: yes. The code on the questioner mini is relatively short. As soon as the calliope is started, it sets the radio channel to 15 and the transmission strength to a maximum of 7.

At the start the group and the transmission strength are set. As soon as you press either A or B, the corresponding letter should be sent out:

That's it for the questioner mini or Game Master.

2The Player

The code for the player is a bit more extensive, but still easy to understand.
At the start the player mini also sets the receive channel to 15. The player mini has the variables "Ready" and "Correct_Response". In "Ready" it is stored whether the calliope has received a signal for "A" or "B". The correct response is stored in the "Correct_Response" variable.
As soon as a signal is received, the player mini must save the signal and set "Ready" to 1:

If A or B is pressed now, the first check is whether the player mini is ready (i.e. whether he has already received an answer).
Then, when A is pressed, it is checked whether "A" is the correct answer (and vice versa for B). Subsequently, feedback is returned on the display and the "Ready" variable is reset to 0 (this prevents a player from changing his or her mind):

3You're ready

Now all you have to do is copy the programs to the mini. One mini becomes the question poser mini or GameMaster, all others are the player mini or GamePlayer. To download simply use the big green button and move the downloaded file to the mini.
When all the minis are ready, the questioner can ask a question and select A or B. All player minis will then receive the correct answer and beep once. Now the players can decide - A or B?
The questioner can change the correct answer at any time or start a new round by simply pressing A or B again.
This game can be used e.g. in class for questioning.

This text as well as the image is published under a CC BY-SA 3.0 DE license popup: yes. It was originally published in German popup: yes by nlpke popup: yes and translated into English by the Calliope team.