The colours of the rainbow

The colours of the rainbow

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30 mins

from 10 years on

1What you need
- RGB LED - 4 wires
####Connect an RGB LED to the Calliope mini. Display the colors of the rainbow one after the other.
###Code Here is a code example with two colors. For more colors just copy blocks and paste values.

Note: These are the 10-bit values of the rainbow.



  • kürzestes Bein (grün): analog output (P2)
  • longest leg (black): GND (-)
  • leg next to green (blue): analog output (P1)
  • outer leg (red): analog output (P16)

This text as well as the image is published under a CC BY-SA 4.0 DE license popup: yes. It was originally published in German popup: yes by phzh popup: yes and translated into English by the Calliope team.