4-digit display

The 4-digit display shows 4 digits. Only natural numbers are displayed (0-9999). There is also the option to display a colon in the middle.

Further information to the actuator you will find here.
4-digit display can be ordered here.

port: A1
interface: digital, PWM
input values

integer numbers from 0 to 9999


In Makecode, the sensor can be controlled via pins C16 and C17 after the Grove package has been downloaded. The numbers are displayed in macecode from left to right.

video hex

Open Roberta Lab

First the 4-digit display must be assigned to connector A1 in the robot configuration. Then the already integrated block "Show 4-digit display" can be selected under Action > Display to control the display. In Open Roberta, the digits are described in reverse order (from left to right). The predefined block has a parameter to determine the position of the digits.

video xml

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