Calliope mini in Bremen - May 2017 to May 2018

A study and teaching material from the University of Bremen

As part of the Bremen Exploration Study Calliope mini, teaching materials were developed by scientists*at the University of Bremen (funded by German Telecom Foundation), tested in schools, adapted and now published for use in schools. These materials are available for download via the links below.

*Bockermann, Iris; Engelbertz, Simon; Illginnis, Saskia; Moebus, Antje; Murmann, Lydia; Reid, David A.; Schelhowe, Heidi (01/2019):
Teaching guide to the Bremen Calliope mini exploration study. Modules 1-6.

Module 1 - What is programming?

Module 2 - Robot Rumplestiltskin

Module 3 - Hop/Click counter

Module 4 - Send messages

Module 5 - Random Dice Generator

Module 6 - Alarm system