Which functions we put on the board

With Calliope mini you have countless creative options right at your fingertip. You want to build a robot or transmit messages? With just a few clicks you can create a program for the microprocessor and make things move.

Besides 25 red plus one RGB LED and two programmable buttons the board contains a combined position sensor with motion sensor and compass as well as a bluetooth module that allows the Calliope mini to communicate with other devices. The board can't only be programmed with your computer: you can use an app to transfer apps you created yourself to your mini computer.

The red lights are so-called LEDs and form a 5x5 grid, each LED can be controlled individually.
The RGB LED below the grid allows for the display of numerous more colours.
The yellow status light on top of the board shows when the mini is powered and flashes if data is written on it.

You can use the buttons A and B left and right of the red LEDs to make inputs. When you press a button a circuit is closed. The board can recognise whether only one or both buttons are pressed. Using a program you can decide what happens when you press one or both buttons.

The button RESET lets you restart the current script.

The combined component below button A contains a compass, a motion sensor and an accelerometer. These tools help Calliope mini to detect in which direction and at which speed it is moving. Furthermore, the temperature and the brightness is measured.

The pins marked with + and - can be used to connect a battery using banana or alligator clips.
The pins marked with P0, P1 and P2 can be used to connect sensors like temperature or moisture sensors. Additionally, P1 and P2 are touch-sensitive, like you know it from touch screens.

The USB port on top is the most simple option to transfer self-made programs. Connect the board to your computer using a micro-USB cable and get going!

You don't want to use cables and want to work with your mini without a computer? No problem: using bluetooth you can connect your mini with a smartphone or a tablet and transfer data. It also works the other way around - the mini can trigger certain functions on your smartphone like you programmed them. Additionally it's possible to have the minis communicate using the wireless module and to exchange information.

Speakers and microphone
Did you ever? With the integrated speaker you can play music or let it beep - whatever your project needs. You can also record sounds or language using the microphone and replay them using the touch interface.

The processor in the bottom left corner of the mini connects all features with each other. It has enough processing power for all ideas and projects you come up with - and even more!

Grove connectors
Additional modules can be connected to the white connectors, for example to use the mini to measure light or colour.

Motor port
The mini contains a motor port for two motors. They help you transforming the board into a robot or a self-driving car.