Programming with the Calliope mini Editor (only in German)

To start, we will show an image on the Calliope mini when button A is pressed.
On the top of this page, click on Let’s start, then Editor and select an editor. In this example we show you the Calliope mini editor (only available in German). In general, however, all editors work in a similar way. Just have a look at them and decide which one is best suited for your project.
The Calliope mini editor is divided into four areas. At the top you will get a short information, you can view your script as code and start it again.


Below is the first area called Input. Here you can choose on which input the Calliope mini is supposed to react.


The Output area is located below the input area. Here you can choose which action your Calliope mini will perform.


An action block can now be filled with an input command and an output instruction. You can press the plus symbol to add more action blocks. A click on the minus sign makes the block disappear.

This is how it looks when a smiley is displayed on Calliope mini when button A is pressed. By the way, if you click on the image in the editor, you can select more images or create your very own image. If you want to show several pictures one after the other, you can simply drag more pictures into the same action block.

You've learned a lot now! Try matching multiple images with different action blocks and take a look at the code to see what program commands control the pictures or texts and how the code changes when you make changes to the action blocks.